October 26, 2001: Moving Back

(a fake newspaper article!)

Fujitsu Limited European Affairs Representative Changes

Fujitsu Limited European Affairs announced that its Representative, Tetsuo Karaki, will be leaving Brussels at the end of October. He will continue to have responsibility for European Affairs, among other things, at Fujitsu Limited External Affairs Group in Tokyo.

"I have really enjoyed my work in Brussels. Every day has brought me new challenges, as there have been new policy issues, which I had to deal with continuously. I also enjoyed meeting so many respected and interesting people, from whom I learned a lot," said Karaki. "At a certain point, I realized that reliable relationships with these people, based on constructive tension and trust, form the most valuable aspect of my working life in Europe."

Karaki also enjoyed his private life in Europe with his family. "Living in Brussels has not always been easy, but we learned that people in Europe live in a different dimension, where factors such as efficiency and speed might be less important priorities. We will really miss it." He also said that he was able to take advantage of many photo opportunities when they traveled and while in Brussels, as picture taking is one of his hobbies.

Kazuyoshi Maekawa has been appointed to succeed Tetsuo Karaki beginning at the end of October. Maekawa is a graduate of Colombia University Graduate School, and he served for some time as executive assistant to Michio Naruto, Vice- Chairman of Fujitsu Limited.

Tetsuo Karaki concluded by saying, "I am looking forward to seeing everyone again very shortly, and having the chance to learn more from them."

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