February 27, 1997: Settled in Yokohama

One month has passed since we moved to Yokohama. Finally, but not perfectly, we have settled (... almost?).

Anna started to go to the new kindergarten, Hatsunegaoka-Yochien, from January 21. She made new friends here, although she misses her friends in Hawaii. She lost her first teeth (from lower front) yesterday. Today, she had an excursion to walk to Land-mark Tower located in central Yokohama. It was 8 km (5 miles) walk and she enjoyed it very much.

Takako has been busy helping Anna to go to new kindergarten, as well as opening boxes which we brought from Hawaii and from the storage room. She has opened more than 90% of about 250 boxes all together.

I have started to commute using train, and to use smaller desk. I guess I still have difficulty adjusting life in Japan. I will write about that some other time.

created: 02/27/97
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